Saturday, September 1, 2012

"Dyeing" for a Change

This morning, it took me a moment to recognize the reflection staring back at me from the mirror.  It's only been a few days since I darkened my summer highlighted-blond locks to a rich, fall reddish auburn hue--although, when it comes to hair color, change is nothing new to me.  What can I say?  I get bored easily.  My hair color changes like the weather in Texas.

The quickest and easiest alteration you can make to your physical appearance for the sake of boredom involves a supply of chemicals and a little bit of bravery (or simply the former and a good stylist whom you trust completely).

As someone who's seen my share of hair color chemicals over the years, I've also experienced plenty of hair emergencies.  Any woman who has decided (after margarita number 4) to change her hair color at midnight after a trip down the grocery store boxed hair color aisle can appreciate my not-so exaggerated use of the word "emergency."

Maybe we all should have paid better attention in elementary school art class when the teacher explained the basics of the color wheel.  Unfortunately, accidentally achieved pink hair cannot be expunged simply by putting on more brown dye to cover it.  (Lesson # 2--never call your boyfriend in tears, looking for moral support after a hair-dyeing experiment gone awry.  Lesson #1 was to withstand the desire to color your hair while under the influence of tequila.)

Yes, I've had every hair color under the rainbow--many of which were purely accidental.  However, I must say there's no such mood elevator quite as effective as freshly dyed locks that turn out drop dead gorgeous.  It instills confidence and makes you feel like a brand new woman--assuming that others even notice the difference.  I can't tell you how many times others have looked at me after a drastic change and said, 1) "there's something different about you..." or 2) absolutely NOTHING!  So help me God, I'll kill you for not noticing something quite so drastic as a blond head gone red overnight because, let's face it--a professional dye job doesn't come cheap!

I guess ultimately, it doesn't really matter what others think about my color, though.  I know my boyfriend and dad prefer me as a tan blond even though I am a natural brunette (I think, at least.  It's been a loooong time since I've seen it!)  If you know anything about me at all, it's that I'll do what I want!  And if I feel fabulous, that's all that counts.  One  thing I can tell you for certain right now is that I feel like a brand new woman, ready to take on the world.  Oh, and in case you were wondering--redheads (in this current moment) really DO have more fun!

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