Friday, May 17, 2013

Pistol Annies...Smoking Guns

This morning, I've been rocking out to the catchy tunes of the Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert's side project, an all-girl band.  I have to admit, simply listening to their girl-power anthems on my ipod makes me feel like a badass.  Maybe because it's Friday or maybe because I'm just in one of those don't-mess-with-me moods today, I'm totally digging the in-your-face lyrics and haunting background music of Hell on Heels and edgy toe-tapping Trailer for Rent.  I'm grooving to the beat and nodding my head like a gangsta rapper. 

Ever since the Pistol Annies made their live television debut, I was obsessed with their 3-part harmony and raw, emotion-filled lyrics.  There's just nothing cooler than a feisty girl with a guitar and a willingness to say what she has to say, no holds barred.  The more I listen to Miranda's unique, twangy voice, the more I enjoy her music and her message.  I think perhaps it's because I see a bit of myself in her. 

A born and raised Texas girl, I grew up on real country music and cut my musical teeth on the records of Patsy Cline, Randy Travis, George Strait and Willie Nelson.  Growing up with an older brother who beat me up on a regular basis (only some of it was well deserved), I  quickly learned how to fend for myself.  Once my parents saw right through my Oscar-worthy fake-crying performances, I was on my own.  So I guess you could say I was full of piss and vinegar at an early age.  My innate stubbornness also played a factor in my unwillingness to take any $#&^ off of anyone.

Combine that hard headedness with my passion for music and you get the kind of tunes Miranda and her Pistol Annie cohorts effortlessly produce, quickly shooting them to fame, fortune and yielding sold-out concerts and millions of album sales.  If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to their stuff, check out their debut album, Hell on Heels and download their newly released Annie Up. You'll soon be tapping your foot, bobbing your head to the beat.  After a drink or two, you may get to feeling invincible and perhaps even have the urge to start a bar fight. 

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