Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Those Who Own iPhones Say "i"

Lately, I've been wondering, "Am I the only person who doesn't have an iPhone?"  No, seriously!  It seems like everywhere I go, people are taking photos, engaging in "important" conversation in public venues, looking up directions on the Internet, or playing "Angry Birds."  Just yesterday at a restaurant, I saw several kids toting around these phones.  How many people can an 8-year-old possibly even know?  I guess they know the other 20 kids in their class who have iPhones, too!  Have I been living on another planet?  When did the iPhone become the new must-have electronic item?  It's almost as if iPhone owners belong to a distinguished club--or dare I say--cult!  Do they make you sign your 2-year contract in blood or something?? 

For quite sometime, I've been an iPhone "hater," but lately, I'm beginning to wonder if these people are really onto something.  I've resisted the touch screen as long as possible and have been perfectly happy (well, almost) with my Blackberry Curve.  I am used to it.  It has buttons like "old school" phones!  I am a lighting-fast texter with my Blackberry.  I don't really consider my fingers to be fat, but it's almost as if I have five sausage links on each hand as soon as I try to type something into my boyfriend's iPhone.  I'm sorry, but I just can't forfeit the thumb-texting, and I refuse to buy a phone that won't allow it.

While I am a fan of the concept of a Blackberry, its electronic functionality leaves a lot to be desired.  It often freezes (I hate that damn spinning hourglass!)  It indicates I have messages when I do not, and I find myself removing the battery and re-booting it at least five times a day!  (Jeremy, stop saying, "I told you so!")  He's what I like to call an iPhone "snob."  He swears by it.  I sometimes think he must own stock in the company or something since he so freely endorses this miracle phone.

It's amazing to think that, when we were younger, there was no such thing as a cell phone.  You needed to make a call, you stopped at a pay phone.  I don't think they even exist anymore.  How sad is it to think that something we used to live without has become like an extra limb without which, we cannot function?!  I feel naked on days I forget to take my phone with me.  It drives me crazy to think I might miss a phone call from both of you (Mom and Jeremy).  I can't get a play-by-play from friends without my constant access to (gasp) Facebook!  Ok, so I have become addicted, too.  BUT I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND THE OBSESSION THAT HAS BECOME THE IPHONE!!!

Maybe I'll just have to break down and try one myself when my contract ends in a couple months--if my poor little Blackberry can even make it that much longer.  Maybe there's something to be said for a phone that's gotten so much publicity.  So yes, I may soon give in and purchase an iPhone.....but no matter what, I vow to never become one of those iPhone snobs!

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  1. Yep, I'm an iSnob too :) We have a macbook, 2 iPhones (w/ service), 1 iPhone (w/o service that the kids use for apps/games), and two 1st gen iPads and I just got an iPad2 :) And we love them all :)