Friday, April 29, 2011

Hats off to....Well, HATS!

Hats literally are the pinnacle of fashion--they top off the outfit.  A hat adds a certain flair that just can't be achieved with any other garment....this coming from a SHOE person!  I have always loved hats, so it's a shame that no one wears them much anymore--except to the Kentucky derby and, more recently, to royal events. 

I must say that, while I am a little tired of the incessant media coverage of the royal wedding, I am absolutely intrigued by the hats in all the photos.  Prestigious guests donned all sorts of hats--from simply elegant to downright tacky and over-the-top.  What was with all the little diner-like wedge caps sliding down women's  foreheads?? (aka. Victoria Beckham).  Some of those crazy hats even bordered on Star Trek-wannabe costumes!  Clearly, certain Brits selected their wardrobes right out of Lady Gaga's closet.  (Thank goodness there were no hats made of bacon!)  While many of the royal wedding hats were borderline comical, my point is that, fastidiously chosen, the right hat can bring luxurious sophistication to any ensemble.  I always think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman--the shopping scene when the camera shows her from behind in a fitted, classy dress with a big black hat.  Wow, that is the picture of sophisticated elegance!

Sometimes I feel as though I'm living in the wrong era.  I would have loved to dress up in giant floppy hats with corset dresses and white gloves every single day.  I would sit out on the front porch, fanning myself with one gloved hand while holding a glass of iced tea or perhaps a mint julip with the other.  "Frankly, my dear"......sadly, hats just aren't a part of society's standard attire anymore.  They're reserved for extra-special occasions, speaking of which.....

My mom and I are getting together with our dear family friends on Sunday for our annual Mothers' Day tea.  It will be hosted at Mom & Dad's Victorian-style home, and we are all required to wear fabulous hats.  Even though the weather may not permit an outdoor brunch on the wraparound porch, I will most definitely be dressed as if I'm gearing up for a sunny day at the Derby!  I've got my little black crochet sundress and high heels already picked out, and, this morning, I dusted off my black/white "Audrey Hepburn" hat for the occasion.  I'm so looking forward to plates and plates of delicate finger sandwiches (crust-less, of course!).

I've decided to resurrect this iconic fashion piece.  In fact, my next shopping spree may include a trip to the hat department for a headgear fashion show.  Sure, I may get a few stares from strangers while sporting this long-forgotten accessory, but I don't care.  I assume they are just in awe of my sense of style and individuality.  Let's face it--you just can't help but feel fabulous when wearing a giant hat.  And that, my dear, is what fashion is all about.

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