Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Augmentation for Graduation

I used to think that "D" stood for diploma, but lately, it seems to stand for D cup---as in, the coveted bra size of many high school girl graduates who receive breast implants as their graduation gift from Mom and Dad!  That's right, what once was a new (used) car or a family trip as a congratulatory gift has become a trip to the plastic surgeon.  Is it just me, or is anyone else appalled that parents would not only support--but fund--this decision?!

When I was working in cosmetics, a woman came into the store and said she was shopping for last-minute stocking stuffers for her high school aged daughter.  Her idea of little "stocking stuffers" included the new Marc Jacobs fragrance.  I mentioned that, if Marc Jacobs was just a small gift for her stocking, I could only imagine what her big gift would be.  The woman replied that her daughter had actually already received her main gift--breast implants.  They were for her--get this--14-year-old daughter!  My jaw hit the floor.

I don't know when breast implants became the new trendy haircut or fancy jeans that all teenagers just had to have if they wanted to fit in with even the remotely cool crowd.  Nowadays, you hear on all the talk shows about how kids have a low self esteem and parents should nurture them to make sure this isn't the case for their child.  Ever since that became the rule, little league teams stopped keeping score.  There was no winner or loser.  Students stopped getting poor grades for poor quality work.  Instead, they passed with flying colors because they "tried."

Well call me old-fashioned, but I think that's a bunch of BS!  Protecting kids from a negative society doesn't sustain their level of confidence and self esteem--it sends them a false message about the brutality of the "real world."  I didn't mean to get off on a tangent.....back to teens and breast implants.

I cannot imagine any parent, let alone any licensed doctor, who would perform breast augmentation surgery on a teenage girl.  Most girls are not even fully developed at age 18.  I know I sure wasn't!  In fact, (not to broadcast my bra size), I didn't even really have boobs until I was in college.  I swear, I woke up one day and "ta da!"  There they were.

Many smaller-busted girls argue that other women who were "blessed with a chest" don't understand what it's like to be less endowed.  While that may be the case, isn't the "grass always greener on the other side?"  I know lots of women who would happily chop off their breasts to rid themselves of the hassle!  There are many clothes a woman with big boobs simply cannot wear.  Don't even get me started on the idea of wearing a cute little triangle-top bikini.  You can't run without a sports bra, and the list goes on an on....

If having a fuller figure up top is really that important to you, there are other less extreme options than going under the knife.  Um, hello--ever heard of the Miracle Bra??  We have come up with numerous ways to "fake it" that I can't even imagine surgery would be a desirable option.

The bottom line is that, in MY opinion, high school girls should not be gifted with breast implants from their parents.  What kind of message does that send?  It basically says that if you're not happy with the body God gave you, just have plastic surgery to "fix" it and make yourself (in society's eyes) beautiful.  Breast implants just don't say "congratulations on your high school graduation!"  While customary graduation gifts are nice, the real treasure you walk away with when you earn your diploma is a brain filled with knowledge--not a couple pouches filled with saline.

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