Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Woman's Right to Shoes

Forrest Gump was right--"There's a lot you can tell about a person by their shoes...where they going, where they been."  To me, shoes are so much more than merely just footwear.  Shoes are to fashion what gasoline is to automobiles...they fuel the outfit, making a strong "in-your-face" fashion statement.  My name's Cassie, and I'm a shoe-aholic.

When I open my closet door, I can almost hear a choir of angels sing as I glance up at the shelves of stacked shoeboxes overhead.  At the last count, I came up with about 90 pairs of shoes, give or take.  The crazy thing is, my collection is continuously growing--much to the demise of my checking account.

Stilettos, sandals, boots, sneakers, Mary Janes, flip-flops, chunky heels, platforms, wedges.  They're like my little brightly colored, shiny friends.  They've traveled with me on many a journey, made me happy, cost me lots of money, made me feel sexy, and caused me severe pain.  (My motto is:  "If they're comfy, they're NOT CUTE!").  Besides, life's too short to wear ugly shoes.  My friends know me, and they are a reflection of my personality.

Because a woman's shoes tell a lot about her personality, I hope people don't look at my shoes and automatically think "hooker" because I prefer a minimum of 4" heels.  It's just my style.  It also happens to be my daily exercise routine.  You try walking around in a pair of 4" heels, holding up all of your body weight on the ball of your fee and tell me that's not exercise!  High heels tone my butt and legs--and they're arguably cheaper than a gym membership.  Okay, maybe not in my case, but still.  My aching muscles are sheer proof that a day in stilettos equals a day's workout!

I realize I am probably ruining my feet by subjecting them to such torture, but you have to sacrifice comfort for style and beauty.  Mom says I'll need orthopedic shoes by the time I'm 40, but I ASSURE you I will never resort to wearing shoes that serve a medical purpose.  Worst case scenario--I'll be riding around in a wheelchair someday while wearing stilettos!    Of course I do realize that if I trip and fall while walking in tall heels, it's a loooong way down, so I make sure to walk slowly and carefully--and avoid the stairs at all cost!

Several months ago while cleaning out my closet, I discovered that I'm running out of room for all my friends--I mean, my shoes.  Mom says that's a sign I have too many, but I say it's just a sign I need a bigger closet!  Shoes are like money--you can never have too much; however, lately, I've been trying to keep my shoe addiction (somewhat) in check, but the little guys call out to me as I pass by the store windows and surf the web.  I seriously have to stop and think what I'd rather have--money to eat or new shoes.  I can honestly say that, in the past, I have opted for the shoes and then eaten microwave popcorn for dinner.  While it may not be the healthiest decision, it was definitely the happiest!

When you look around my apartment and my office, you'll see shoe-themed paraphernalia everywhere.  What can I say?  It's my obsession.  It's who I am......and if the shoe fits, it was meant to be....if not, buy it anyway and suffer the pain in the name of fashion!

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